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How effective are used the vehicles in your business?

It is impossible to answer this question if you do not have a reliable system of vehicle management and control.

We propose you meet Moldcell Transport Manager. This product can provide reliable information on the effectiveness of the vehicular movement. The collected and presented information by Moldcell Transport Manager allows you to fully control, and it provides a real picture about the vehicle use. This information cannot be misrepresented.

Moldcell Transport Manager represents a web-based information system for vehicle monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moldcell Transport Manager can determine at any time the exact location of your vehicle, its speed, route and the places where the vehicle has been. This information is stored for a long time that also permits to make retrospective monitoring of the vehicle.

Creation of Moldcell Transport Manager was possible due to a successful combination of modern technology: GPS (Global Positioning System), EDGE/GPRS and GSM.

Components of Moldcell Transport Manager:

  1. Mobile device – special equipment that receives information about the vehicle location from satellites and transmits it via EDGE / GPRS channel to Moldcell Control Center (Server).
  2. Moldcell Control Center (Server) – collects the information from the mobile devices and stores it in a Moldcell database server.
  3. Manager Interface - a computer program that makes easily the vehicle data visualization through any web-browser.
  4. SIM-Moldcell - makes possible the registration of your mobile device in the EDGE/GPRS/GSM network.

How it works?

The Mobile Moldcell Transport Manager, installed in the vehicle, receives data on vehicle’s location from satellites and transmits it via EDGE/GPRS/GSM network to the control center. In the control center, information is collected and entered in the Moldcell database.

The User’s access to the control center for the vehicle monitoring can be done by connection to the Internet. The User can control only his vehicles. The access to user’s individual account is made using a login and password that is issued to each client individually.

Advantages of Moldcell Transport Manager Application:

  • Possibility of real time vehicle monitoring
  • Cost reduction of vehicle maintenance and operation (maintenance service, fuel, etc.)
  • Income increase due to cancellation of vehicle use for personal purposes and other false information on vehicle run
  • Proper assessment of the needs for the purchase of other vehicles
  • Cost reduction for vehicle repair and replacement after road traffic accidents, due to drivers control by speed driving monitoring
  • Loss enhancement in case of theft or unreasonable vehicle downtime
  • Loss enhancement because of repair downtime through the planning of future repairs, based on vehicle run data report
  • Workload increase of each vehicle due to reduction of needs for vehicle fleet expansion
  • Drivers and dispatchers discipline
  • Improving of vehicle safety during the passengers and goods transportation
  • Reduction of cargo, passengers’ transportation term by route monitoring, and reduction of fines for delay
  • On time delivery of goods to your clients, for example building materials, foodstuff or other goods
  • Monitoring and compliance with route schedules for various transport services, passenger traffic, etc
  • Quality control of operation of the rental vehicle

Reports and alarms:

  • Reports on vehicle condition for any past period of time, a day ago, a week ago, a month…
  • Reports on speed and excessive speed
  • Report on vehicle run
  • The vehicle stopping and downtime with address evidence
  • Roadmap
  • Alarms on excess of the speed-limit
  • Alarms on engine start

You can buy Moldcell Transport Manager at its standard price or you can buy it on an installment plan by selecting one of the offers that optimally meets your requirements.
The price for monthly service depends on the number of acquired devices.

The cost of device Monthly subscription The term of the contract
1 Leu 270 lei 24 months
2800 lei 140 lei 12 months

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